Pet Wellness in Ogden, UT

Trusted Pet Wellness Center in Ogden, UT

Just as humans need regular check-ups, our pets also require frequent pet wellness exams to ensure that they have optimal health and to detect underlying health issues at an early stage. Regular veterinary care forms an essential part of maintaining your pet’s health and longevity.

At Millcreek Animal Hospital, we emphasize the value of pet wellness and preventive care to identify potential health conditions before they become serious issues. Emergency vet visits and expensive disease treatment can often be avoided with routine check-ups and preventative measures.

Pets are adept at masking signs of discomfort or illness, making routine pet wellness examinations even more crucial for early detection. Alongside regular diagnostic care from trained veterinarians can ensure a healthy life for our furry friends.

Good nutrition, ample exercise, dental cleanings, vaccinations – every aspect plays a critical role in your pet’s well-being. Our comprehensive care covers a wide variety of medical conditions that may not be visible initially but could cause long-term damage if not addressed promptly.

From dogs to guinea pigs to ferrets – all animals deserve excellent quality veterinary medicine. Providing exceptional care at all stages of life is our mission because we understand how much your pets mean to you!

Our Services

At Millcreek Animal Hospital, we provide a wide variety of veterinary services for your beloved pets. This includes comprehensive medical care such as diagnostic procedures and preventative measures to keep them healthy.

Our animal practice is not just limited to cats and dogs; pocket pets like guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, rats are also welcomed by our professional staff.

Our team of experts specializes in several areas including surgical procedures and emergency vet services. We offer excellent dental care from routine cleanings to advanced treatments, addressing the most common health conditions found in pets.

Guided by passion for veterinary medicine and care for dogs, cats and other animals alike, we assure you that your pet’s health issues are always prioritized here at Millcreek Animal Hospital.

a cat in a vet clinic for a pet wellness examination

What to Expect

During routine preventive exams, our veterinarian will assess:

  • Overall Body Condition
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Throat
  • Heart and Lungs
  • Abdominal Organs
  • Musculoskeletal System
  • Neurologic System
  • Urogenital System
  • Lymph Nodes
  • Skin/Coat

When health problems are identified, a medical plan will be outlined to evaluate the problems in depth.

If your pet appears to be healthy enough for routine preventive care and pet wellness, your veterinarian will discuss which immunizations are advised, as well as parasite prevention including heartworm disease, intestinal parasites, and ectoparasites (fleas, ticks, etc.). Annual age-appropriate lab tests, testing for heartworm and/or tick-borne diseases, and fecal tests for parasites may also be recommended for your pet. Finally, your pet’s nutrition, diet, and exercise routines can be assessed and optimized to help your pet be in the best physical condition for their lifestyle and age. Remember, keeping up with preventive care for your pet is the best way to keep your pet happy and healthy for life.